A-Rod Sells his Miami home for a cool 30 MILLION!!!

A-Rod Sells his Miami home for a cool 30 MILLION!!!A-Rod Sells his Miami home for a cool 30 MILLION!!! Alex Rodriguez hasn’t played at all this 2013 season and spent most of last year striking out with what most baseball aficionados would consider mediocre play at best. But I think most people would agree he hit a TOWERING OUT OF THE PARK GRAND-SLAM HOMERUN with his most recent real estate transaction.

The Yankees 3rd baseman purchased his waterfront Miami Beach in home in 2010 for 7.4 million. He then pumped in an additional 7.5 million transforming the 20,000 sqft estate into a work of art with European white oak flooring throughout and glass windows that can be adjusted so that someone can walk straight outside. The house also features a zen garden and rooftop deck. The renovations took him a little over 11 months to complete but for those who can afford its well worth it.

If your keeping a box score that is $7.4million to purchase + $7.5million in upgrades & renovations with a $30 million dollar sold price which = 15 MILLION DOLLAR REAL ESTATE PROFIT in less than 36 months.

Rodriguez moved in October 2011 and, encouraged by the rebound of the Miami real estate market, listed the home for the first time at $38 million a year later. Failing to get a nibble, he took the home off the market in December 2012. Rodriguez never listed the home again, as he was personally offered the deal that was consummated Friday.

“When you’re offered the highest price for a home in a city’s history, you have to take it,” said Jose More, a business partner of Rodriguez who is the vice president of his construction company.

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