Agent Comparison

Questions to ask each Agent Gordon Agent B
2. Do you specialize in existing home sales? YES
3. Do you have a targeted Relocation Program? YES
4. Do you have a Personal Brochure & Resume? YES
5. Do you have personal assistants? YES
6. Do you have a targeted Ad Program? YES
7. Do you have a 30 Day Marketing Plan? YES
8. Do you have a negotiation strategy? YES
9. How soon can my home appear on the MLS? TODAY
10. Do you have a verbal follow up/feedback program? YES
11. What percentage of your listings sell? 90%
12. Can you pre-approve buyers for a mortgage? YES
13. How long does it take your average listing to sell? 36 DAYS
14. How many Residential transactions did your office close in 2014? 793
15. How did you rank within your firm? TOP 1%
16. How do you rank within your company? TOP 1%
17. Do you have a transaction fee? NO
18. Do you have virtual tours? YES
19. Are you on the internet? YES
20. Does your company have national and local name recogition? YES
21. Is you company International? YES
22. Does your company accept all ad calls? YES
23. Do you offer an Easy Exit Listing Agreement? YES
24. Is your office open 7 days a week? YES
25. Are your services 100% guaranteed? YES
26. Does your company have a full time appointments desk? YES
27. Can you sell my home? YES
28. How soon can you start? NOW